Celebrity mothers are helping to promote breastfeeding – in the most glamorous way possible

Breastfeeding. It’s a topic that inevitably ignites heated debate. However the fact that it is a natural and free way to feed your child is indisputable. Although not all women find it possible to breastfeed (sometimes no matter how much they wish to), promoting public acceptance of this innate act of motherhood can only be positive. Recently, a number of famous women have been doing just this – utilising the power of social media to depict how breastfeeding is a normal part of a new mother’s life.

Miranda Kerr led the way shortly after the birth of her son Flynn in 2011 with an intimate picture snapped by Orlando Bloom. Gisele’s well-documented take on breastfeeding featured not only her baby, but a manicurist, hair stylist and makeup artist (well she is Gisele). Meanwhile Natalia Vodianova’s black and white portrait by her friend, the renowned photographer Paolo Roversi, could have come straight from the pages of a high-fashion magazine. Italian model and actress Eva Riccobono, and Australian blogger Candice Lake, have also followed suit, each posting an image of themselves feeding their baby behind the scenes of a shoot.

Although these images may be an idealised vision of motherhood (as anyone who has fed a crying newborn at 2am will know) they can’t help but inspire. Because let’s be honest, although breastfeeding is a wonderful way to bond with, and nurture your child, it can also be difficult, and, dare we say it, even tedious at times, which is why a touch of glamour is always welcome.