When pregnancy changed beauty journalist Alice Manning’s skin for all the wrong reasons, she sought professional help. Here she reveals her new beauty regime…

Beauty_titleBeing a beauty director, it is expected that you have great skin. With access to the world’s most-renown dermatologists and best products out there, surely flawless skin is a given? And when your day job consists of being sat opposite the likes of fresh-faced Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez you really do value those ‘good skin days’.

I’ve always been lucky enough to have a pretty straight-forward, low-maintenance complexion with a minimal cabinet of products that I rely on. But, that all changed the minute that little Clear Blue stick announced I was pregnant. By week six I had an ever-increasing army of unwelcome white heads (oh the glamour) on my forehead and chin and it was really getting me down. Where was the pregnancy glow I’d heard so much about? When was I going to bloom into the radiant mummy-to-be? I tried to cover them up but even the most industrial concealer didn’t stand a chance. I tried to leave them but felt like people ended up having private conversations with them. Despite it being a cardinal sin, I even retorted to squeezing but it only resulted in them rearing their angry heads even more. Pregnancy acne 1: Alice 0.

Luckily through my job, I knew help was at hand. I’d interviewed skin expert Dr Terry several times before, most recently for NINE IN THE MIRROR. A globally-recognised skin doctor, she specialises in hormone imbalances and her London clinic has women pretty much queuing up round the block for her expertise. I booked an appointment and counted down the days. Meanwhile my breakouts were getting worse by the minute and as one patch cleared, two more arrived.

Snuggled in the basement of a Mayfair pharmacy, Dr Terry’s clinic is discreet and low-key and I felt more relaxed just sitting in the waiting room. She welcomed me into her treatment room and reassured me that this was totally treatable, I felt like sobbing on her shoulder but didn’t want to leave soggy tears on what looked like a luxe Chanel tweed jacket. We discussed the problems I was experiencing, my regime; the products I was using, my diet, sleep, exercise – it was the Spanish inquisition of skincare. Having left no stone unturned, this is what Dr Terry prescribed…







Don’t cleanse in the morning – you wake up with clean skin from cleansing the night before so simply rinse your face with water.

Take a plant digestive enzyme. You may be surprised but a healthier, cleaner digestive system will do wonders for your skin.

Check your vitamin D levels as a deficiency can be detrimental to skin. Visit your doctor for a blood test, ideally you want a level between 70 and 80. If you require a supplement, I love Lamberts Vitamin D3.

Medical facials are a worthy investment for professional extraction that doesn’t scar or hurt. Make a trip to see Dr Terry, her treatments are some of the finest in London.

The combination of tea tree oil and a clay mask is the best remedy for treating existing breakouts. Dab the tea tree oil directly onto the spot, then layer a small amount of mask on top to draw out the nasties and start the healing process. Try The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil.


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