Fed up with fatigue? Over feeling nauseous? Discover how reflexology can help remedy the ailments of pregnancy naturally

As any expectant woman knows, pregnancy comes with myriad side effects, not all of them pleasant. With most over-the-counter medicines off limits, how can you easily relieve unfavourable symptoms? Reflexologist Cordelia Bugeja believes she has the answer. Specialising in pregnancy reflexology, her holistic treatments centre on the connection between the soles of the feet and the body. With over two years training with midwives and a mother herself, Bugeja has first-hand experience of the ups and downs of expecting. We find out more…


Cordelia and her son, Eli

Is reflexology safe for mothers-to-be?
Absolutely, I was trained to treat from the first trimester and have a knowledge of which points you can and cannot stimulate.

What is different about working with expectant women ?
The empathy I feel for expectant mothers changes the whole experience and there is a lot more nurturing involved.  I see expectant mothers on a weekly basis and therefore there is often a more intimate relationship established.  There are also different points in the feet with this treatment.    

What pregnancy ailments can reflexology help alleviate?
Reflexology can assist with morning sickness, fluid retention and anything from digestive issues, to back pain, anxiety, pelvic pain, – you name it, there’s a point for it. It helps you regain a sense of yourself and strengthens your journey from birth to beyond.

Does a woman’s foot change when she is pregnant?
It can change dramatically during pregnancy. From widening, to texture and temperature change. A bulge can also appear around the ankle area. This is where we can define the outline of the baby. At around 36 weeks heels can become very dry as the hips begin to expand – always a good excuse to treat yourself to a pedicure!

Are there any times when a pregnant woman should not have reflexology?
Yes, there are some conditions such as severe oedema, diabetes and cholestasis . If the expectant mother is under care of an obstetrician, she needs to notify them before undergoing any kind of treatment. Also you should only be treated before you begin a course of IVF, not during.

Can reflexology bring on labour?
That’s my most popular request! Yes it can! Inducing is a very powerful treatment. I spend time on specific points, mainly hormones to kick-start the oxytocin levels and help to create an abundance of energy within the womb.

Are there any techniques to try at home?
The solar plexus is a relaxing area to work on which is safe. When a mother is overdue I encourage massage around the ankles. Also there is nothing better than being barefoot and spreading your toes, allowing the earth’s energy to create a constant flow within the nervous system.

 *It is essential that you consult your medical professional before beginning any course of alternative treatment that has not been otherwise prescribed. 

Interview by Amanda Woodward-Brown