9 ways to look instantly rested

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that life with a newborn means forgoing a full night’s sleep. Even if you’re lucky and able to get a few hours more than most, your forty winks are undoubtedly not the same as they once were. Here’s how to look refreshed even if you haven’t been….


A facial massage is a relaxing and stimulating way to start your day and it takes just sixty seconds of pressure-work to jumpstart your blood circulation. Using your usual face serum or oil, use your fingertips to smooth from the centre of your forehead out towards your temples, across your cheeks and your jawline. Repeat a few times for an instant faux-glow.


While a teaspoon is normally used for a quick caffeine fix, put your cutlery to another use by popping two spoons in the freezer when you make tea or coffee. After a few minutes, gently press the curved side into your eye sockets to help minimise under-eye bags. Follow it up with a brightening eye cream to rehydrate the area.


…But if you’re making a drink, try to only have one – caffeine is actually extremely dehydrating and the best way to look like you’ve slept is to increase your water intake. So try to steer clear of the espresso machine and instead invest in a large water flask that you can carry on the go – every time you look at it, take a sip.

Pep up your complexion with a facial cream that contains green tea or caffeine. We love this brightening moisturiser from Origins: oil-free, lightweight and with coffee bean extract, its energy-boosting properties will guarantee you look a bit more awake than you actually feel.


When a dusting over your cheekbones would do pre-baby, parenthood requires mixing a brightening product with your base. Add this Nars illuminator to your foundation, for a quick all-over pick-me-up.


Lack of sleep can leave your eyes dark and puffy. Dot a champagne-toned eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes to create an instant glow. This Kevyn Aucoin version has a rollerball tip for easy application, with glistening pigments to produce the illusion of light.


If your skin is looking lifeless, dairy can help – dip a washcloth in a mix of milk and ice cubes, then wring it out and pat on your skin. The pH of the milk and the cold temperature can bring radiance back to your face.


Choose a peach blush over pink – the warmth of the former will brighten your skin area and draw attention away from any dark circles. Blend Liz Earle’s cream compact into the apples of your cheeks and voila, instant rest!



If you’re going to try to overhaul your image in a matter of minutes, the easiest way is your outfit. As hard as it might seem, try not to opt for your slouchy, go-to comfort clothes but put a pep in your step with pieces that have a relaxed fit but look polished. This Hatch dress is perfect. If you aren’t heading out the door and plan on spending the day in loungewear, don’t miss our edit of chic styles that still make you feel elegant.


Images courtesy of Masha Rotar

Words by Katie Stalker