How to combat every type of pregnancy hair dilemma

Oily, dry, flat… hair can be all-manner of things during pregnancy. Changes in oestrogen balance will shake up your locks without permission meaning you can experience extreme changes to your tresses. Here, we list the best products to tame your mane that are also safe to use when expecting.


Experiencing dry or brittle hair during pregnancy? Take a few minutes every day to massage your scalp – it will help improve your circulation (it’s also a great excuse to put your feet up and relax for a moment.) Try skipping a few days in between shampooing and once a month use a deep conditioner or hot oil on your hair. Also as dry hair can be a sign of iron, iodine or protein deficiencies it is worth mentioning to your doctor.

Stockholm brand Maria Nila use 100% vegan ingredients. Especially geared towards those who have pre-coloured hair, their True Soft Argan Oil will deeply nourish your locks and is free from sulphates or parabens.


Glossy locks are one thing, oily hair is another. Extra progesterone during pregnancy can create an excess amount of sebum on your scalp, leaving you with greasy hair. Save your crown from excess moisture by only applying conditioner on the tips of your hair and switch your hairbrush to one with wood or nylon bristles – natural bristles stimulate oil production so are best avoided.

Try Mason Pearson’s Handy Nylon brush, made from all nylon tufts and in a convenient pocket size for popping in your handbag.


Hair generally tends to thicken in pregnancy as the high oestrogen levels extend the growth phase of the hair, while slowing down the resting phase; meaning it takes longer to fall out. But, if you have naturally thin locks that haven’t become any thicker, it is possible to make your hair appear fuller. Try using cold water to wash your hair, which some experts believe closes the hair cuticle and helps it to swell, or an Indian head massage which is believed to help with circulation to strengthen hair roots. Also never skip the conditioner – just be sure to use a lightweight one.

Davines Replumping Shampoo and Conditioner comes in a rich, creamy formula which contains natural food ingredients and aims to elasticise any hair type. It’s also paraben free.


If pregnancy suddenly turns your ‘do into a don’t, fear not. The hormones are having their way but flat hair shouldn’t last postpartum. Try drying your hair upside down, but take care when standing back up or leaning over, as you’re more prone to dizziness right now.

Look to the Volumizing Foam from the John Masters Organics range. It contains ingredients such as green tea – high in antioxidants – and acacia senegal gum which adds volume. The aerosol-free formula adds instant lift and a weightless bounce to liven up your locks.


If you’re really having trouble with your tresses, hoover heavyweight Dyson have just launched their first hairdryer with several attachments for different hair types. With intelligent heat control it won’t expose your hair to extreme temperatures and leaves it shinier than ever. We especially love the fact that it has a significant reduction in noise, meaning you won’t wake a sleeping baby! Available in June.

Words by Katie Stalker