Hair loss specialist, Lucinda Ellery, reveals how to cope with changes to your hair during and after pregnancy

“If I had a pound for every time a pregnant woman tells me her hair is the best it’s ever been I’d be a very rich lady,” says Lucinda Ellery, who provides expert hair loss management and support for women suffering with causes such as alopecia and trichotillomania.

It’s obvious that pregnancy changes your body but it’s important to remember that it may also be affecting your hair. There are somewhere between 150,000 – 200,000 hairs on your head at any one time. Each of these tiny follicles follow a rest, shed and grow cycle. During pregnancy the ‘shedding’ part of this cycle is put on hold, keeping hair looking full bodied.

While your hair might appear luxuriously thick, it is common during pregnancy to experience an increase in oil and dirt build up. Ellery, who first opened her doors in 1984, and has salons throughout the UK and Beverly Hills U.S., advises keeping grease at bay by “Dusting baby powder through your hair with a blusher brush.”

To maintain lustrous locks she suggests, “Any shampoo or conditioner that feeds the protein which makes up your hair. You may have to change from the brand you normally use, as when you are pregnant your body reacts differently and you may find that products that worked in the past become less effective.”



With a newborn to care for, the weeks after birth can be a challenging time for any new mother. With a little one seeking almost every second of your attention, looking after your hair may be your last priority. However, Ellery says that washing your locks frequently is key to keeping your tresses looking healthy and fluffy.

Ironically just when you are feeling less than confident about your post-baby appearance, you may also start experiencing hair loss. “16 weeks after you have a baby, the hair that has not shed during pregnancy can sometimes fall out all in one go,” says Ellery. Her top tip to get through this troublesome time? “Keep calm and carry on! Usually, what happens to your hair is temporary and it will return to normal.”

Lucinda Ellery is a leading hair loss consultancy which offers a range of treatments. For further information, visit: http://www.lucindaellery-hairloss.co.uk

Words by Kate Curran