Everything you need to know about pregnancy skincare from natural beauty expert (and expectant mother) Claire Vero

Who better to talk to about pregnancy skincare than Claire Vero? The founder of cult brand Aurelia Probiotic Skincare is a veritable expert when it comes to natural beauty, having worked as director of GlaxoSmithKlien’s Dermatology Centre of Excellence before leaving to launch her own label in 2013. “I had always had a passion for luxury skincare but couldn’t find one brand that ticked every box,” she explains. Incorporating break-through science with natural, ethical formulations, Aurelia has won over 90 industry awards in the four short years since its launch. Here, Claire reveals the dos and don’ts of skincare when pregnant and her own beauty routine when expecting.


Every woman is different, but the changes in skin caused by pregnancy can range from the subtle to the extreme, or even no changes at all!

With the change in hormones, breakouts can become more frequent on the face and for some, on the back. Using sulphate-free products to cleanse your face and body will help keep your skin’s natural oils balanced. Some women experience dryness in their skin, so it’s important to deeply nourish using products rich in essential fatty acids and omegas. This is also the case post-pregnancy when you’re feeding. You often feel very thirsty and your skin is equally so.

Hormones can often make your skin very light sensitive, so using an SPF is vital.

Suffering from pigmentation is common and this normally fades after birth but hyperpigmentation or melasma, which is often called the ‘mask of pregnancy’ and appears on the forehead, cheeks and upper lip, is more difficult to resolve. This is surprisingly common with over 60% of women suffering from it. It is important to use sun cream and avoid acid peels or lots of exfoliation which can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Even if you are cutting back on your routine whatever you do, keep going with cleansing and moisturising as an absolute minimum.

Make sure you’re cleansing properly every morning and evening to rid your skin of pollutants, makeup, daily grime and impurities. It’s best to use gentle, non-harsh and natural ingredients to keep the skin’s natural oil barrier intact, to avoid excessive dryness or even hormonal breakouts. Aurelia’s Miracle Cleanser will keep skin supple and hydrated as it doesn’t strip the skin or make it feel tight, nor does it leave any greasy residue left over. Any products you then apply will absorb in to fresh cells, which boosts their efficacy allowing your skin to glow!


Aurelia is different to other skincare brands.

We use probiotic ingredients combined with a strict free-from ingredients promise, and soothing essential oils. Our probiotic ingredients are advanced and work to calm the natural immune triggers in your skin which can be overstimulated by everyday factors like stress, pollution and UV exposure. We don’t use live bacteria or work on the skin’s natural microbiome, instead we work at a deeper level to increase collagen and elastin production, and ultimately make your skin glow. We have incredibly loyal customers who have come to us from either science-led brands who want the results but are seeking more natural ingredients or the other way round.

I am currently expecting my second child and have suffered from melasma and dry skin during pregnancy.

I increased my use of Epsom salts in the bath and have been using Aurelia’s body serum daily after washing. I exfoliate every day gently with our Miracle Cleanser and bamboo muslin but only use the Refine and Polish Miracle Balm once a week. My eyes strangely feel itchy during the first trimester too so I put Aurelia’s Eye Dew in the fridge and use it as a cooling roller ball to relieve this and hydrate the delicate eye area. For my face routine, I move into using our Cell Repair Night Oil underneath the Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser which really adds the hydration. For me an aluminium-free deodorant is an absolute must when pregnant and nursing – or at any time really!

I love multi-purpose make-up products when expecting.

They allow you to get on-the-go quickly when you’re feeling tired or not in the mood to invest time in doing your make up. I love Vapour’s lip and cheek tint in Courtesan and our Brightening Botanical Essence to pick me up when I am in need of revitalising. Aurelia’s Firm & Replenish Body Serum and Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil have also been a game changer for my expanding bump and tired and swollen legs.


I was so lucky this time round that I didn’t suffer the same morning sickness I had during my first pregnancy.

Last time I was sick permanently for the first 79 days and I found it very tough, especially as Aurelia was in its early stages and I didn’t have a big team. The second trimester I enjoyed the most with being able to appreciate my bump without the challenges that come with it. In the final stages this time I have loved the pure excitement I feel for the new baby knowing exactly what is coming having already been a mum.

Some days you feel that you have it all sussed and then others you think ‘what an earth am I doing?’

I chose to launch Little Aurelia, our enchanting range for little ones, seven weeks before my due date which added pressure towards the end of my pregnancy, although I am thrilled now because I am so looking forward to using the range on my little one and it has been so well received by customers and press. I am totally thrilled to be leaving [for maternity leave] on a high!

Motherhood has taught me that plans change and that’s ok.

Having to put your children first leads to other knock-on decisions and I am less rigid with my time now and have developed a more flexible approach at home and in business. This prioritisation has actually helped me achieve more. It has also taught me that you can only try your best and to feel very confident in that.

Claire gave birth to her second son Atticus in August. To learn more about Aurelia Probiotic Skincare click here.